Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals!

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As it’s getting later in the day, and maybe you’re getting a little tired of your family, or of lousy football, or just looking for something to do, let Local Hero Press provide you with some cheap and free entertainment. Or perhaps you’re not a fan of Black Friday madness, and would rather sleep in, sit at home in your pajamas, and crack open a good book. As Val Kilmer said in Tombstone, “I’m your Huckleberry.”

Nearly all the novel-length works from Local Hero Press have been reduced to 99 cents through Monday, November 30. That’s right, you can get the entire run of JCU novels for less than a lunch at Appleby’s! Got twenty bucks to spend on books? You could get yourself reading material for the next year (or month, or week–we don’t know how fast you read!).

And if that weren’t enough, we’ve also got The Oilman’s Daughter FREE to download through Monday! Support your local small press and be Our Hero! Shop Local Hero Press this holiday season!