Meet the Narrator: Nick Jermyn

audiobook, nick jermyn, horde, fantasy, epic fantasy, funny, humor, tolkien, middle earth, elves, hobbit, orcs, ian healy, ian thomas healy

Nick Jermyn I have been an avid fantasy fan since I could read. When the opportunity presented itself to narrate Horde, I dismissed my misgivings about its formidable length & leaped in. I was already in love with the story’s premise & quickly fell in love with the characters too. At the time I accepted Ian’s offer, Will Smith’s Bright […]

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New in audio: HORDE

audiobook, nick jermyn, horde, fantasy, humor, epic fantasy, funny, orcs, elves, tolkien, lord of the rings, hobbit, dungeons and dragons, dnd, ian healy, ian thomas healy

HORDE now available in audio Ian Thomas Healy’s epic fantasy spoof Horde is now available in audio. Talented Brit Nick Jermyn handled narration duties. This lengthy yarn is sure to entertain you. Here’s the thing: we know how this story goes. We invested a lot of time in proper editing and rewriting. However, listening to Nick narrate it still made […]

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The Path officially on sale!

the path, just cause, just cause universe, ian thomas healy, superhero, supervillain, litrpg, portal fantasy, rpg, game fantasy, science fiction

The Path now on sale everywhere Ian Thomas Healy’s new LitRPG book The Path is now on sale worldwide. It’s part of the Just Cause Universe unbounded series of superhero fiction. It focuses on Vanitha Bhat. Vanitha’s power allows her to enter computer systems. To entertain herself and relax, she created The Path. By creating a code framework, this online […]

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