Surprise new release: AIRSHIP LIES!

AIRSHIP LIES flies in from the wilderness

airship, steampunk, western, fantasy, science fiction, ian thomas healyIt’s been over three months since we had any news to share. We’ve got quite a bit so strap on your goggles and stoke up the boilers! First and foremost, we’re pleased to announce the release of Airship Lies. Airship Lies is a new collection of Steampunk/Western tales by Ian Thomas Healy. It takes you from the Frontier towns of the Old West to the deepest parts of the wilderness to the very edge of space in a crazy collection of blimps, dirigibles, and more.

Airship Lies is currently available as a 99-cent ebook from major retailers Amazon and Smashwords. Availability follows soon on iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Check out the gorgeous cover by Deepak Singh, whose work you’ve seen on the cover of Assassin.

New JCU books on the horizon!

We’re not done yet, and neither is Ian Thomas Healy. There will be not one, but two new Just Cause Universe books in the first half of 2018. Arena will be the next release in late winter. Arena will bring aliens into the JCU in a big way and set the stage for a broader universe of stories. The Path will come out in late spring. It is a LitRPG tale featuring the character of Kali, first introduced in Champion.

The Good Fight 4: Homefront

Finally, Local Hero Press will continue its collaboration with the Pen & Cape Society to release the 4th anthology of superhero fiction. The Good Fight 4: Homefront will focus on the families, loved ones, and non-superheroic aspects of superhero characters. Look for it in the spring.