STEAL BIG! Introducing The Scene Stealers

The Scene Stealers now on preorder!

Everyone loves a good heist tale. Ask any random sampling of twenty people if, given the chance, they’d like to participate in a heist, we think you’d get at least eighteen “yes” reponses. In The Scene Stealers, the opportunity presents itself for a group of high school theater students. One of their own has her artwork stolen and then presented for sale by a professional artist. The obvious solution is for the young Thespians to steal it back. In this case, that’s simply not sufficient. They want to embarrass and possibly ruin the so-called professional who is passing off the young artist’s work as his own.

The Scene Stealers releases on May 9th and is available on preorder right now from Amazon, Smashwords, and more. It will be released in both print and ebook editions.

Scene Stealers, young adult, high school, heist, crime, humor, theater, Ian Thomas Healy, thespian