Starfest, Mustang Sally, and Merchandise!

Local Hero Press spent the past weekend at Starfest in Denver and a fantastic time was had by all. Many folks stopped by the table to look at our ever-growing selection of paperbacks, marvel at our display, snag a free bookmark, and get their picture taken with Just Cause superhero Mustang Sally, who popped by to help sell books.

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2015-04-18 19.02.182015-04-19 12.37.48Although they were not on sale at the table this time around, Local Hero Press has just released a collection of exclusive merchandise, available through our partner outlet RedBubble. Check out the official Just Cause and Local Hero Press logo gear. CEO, Publisher, Head Cook and Chief Bottle Washer Ian Thomas Healy test-drove all three shirts over the weekend and reported them to be “Comfortable, eye-catching, and strangely attractive to members of the opposite sex (or same sex, if that’s your thing–we don’t judge).” Check them out for yourself at the link or in the main menu!