Spring Sale INSANITY!

It’s our First Annual Spring Sale!

The clocks have changed, and it’s still light when we close down the shop for the day, and that can only mean one thing: Springtime approaches. To celebrate the season of new life, of warmer temperatures, we are encouraging you to read more books and ebooks. Sit on a park bench or outside your favorite coffee shop, get some sun, and read a book! It doesn’t have to be one from Local Hero Press, but gosh, we’d sure like it if it was. To that end, we are announcing our First Annual Spring Sale!

You don’t have to be crazy to lower prices the way we have, but it helps. You can save up to 20% off list on print editions and up to 40% off list on ebooks (novels only – our short story ebooks are already cheap as dirt). Ebooks that are regularly $4.99 to download will be $2.99. Print books regularly $14.99 will be on sale for $11.99, and that’s before retailers discount them further. Right now, you can download the entire series of Just Cause Universe novels for less than $21 USD! That’s eight full-length novels of the greatest superheroes ever to walk, fly over, or otherwise travel the earth for less than it’ll cost you and your date to see the next big superhero movie event. That’s great entertainment value, people, and we encourage you to take full advantage.