We published an Aurora Award nominee!

Aurora Award, Canada, Stephen Kotowych, nominee, Super FrenemiesReal Live Canadian Stephen Kotowych is our Aurora Award Nominee!

Have you picked up a copy of Caped yet? If not, you might want to snag one, because we are incredibly proud to announce that one of the stories in it has been nominated for an Aurora Award! For those who don’t know, the Aurora Awards are Canada’s National Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards. Basically, they are Canada’s version of the Hugo Awards, and that is a Very Big Deal.

The story in Caped is “Super Frenemies” by Stephen Kotowych, and it’s a great tale about some young superheroes. Although we are not eligible to vote for the tale on account of we are at best only honorary Canadians (thanks to this book), we certainly hope if you are a Real Live Canadian, you will take a minute to do your civic duty by registering to vote, and we hope it’s for Stephen’s story.

Here’s the page with all the information, and “Super Frenemies” is listed as a nominee for Best English Short Fiction. We couldn’t be happier or more proud of Stephen (unless he wins, at which point we will find a way).

Caped is available in print and ebook formats.