Announcing ARENA, a Just Cause Universe Novel

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ARENA, a Just Cause Universe Novel We are excited to announce the scheduled release of the next book in Ian Thomas Healy’s Just Cause Universe series. ARENA releases worldwide on April 1, 2018, in both print and ebook editions. Like the other books in the series, this is a standalone tale. Tied into the universe, it does not require you […]

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New in audio: Deep Six!

Deep Six now available as an audiobook We are proud to announce the release of the fourth book of the Just Cause Universe in audio. Like the other books in the JCU, Deep Six increases the depth of the world in a standalone tale. All JCU books are designed to allow a reader to pick them up and start without […]

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The Three Flavors of Tacos Trilogy

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Three Flavors of Tacos Director Edgar Wright is a darn good director, and we love his work. He has a trilogy of films, mostly unrelated to one another but for two things. The same actors, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, star in each film. Likewise, Cornetto brand ice cream appears in each one. Film buffs refer to these movies as […]

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