The Local Hero Press MALCon Schedule

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MALCon, convention, myths and legends, local hero press, ian thomas healy, just cause

Panel/Table MALCon schedule!

Because not everything in the world is terrible, Fearless Leader Ian has decided to try his hand at participating in some panels. This comes after a positive experience at Colorado Gold several months ago. If you’re going to be at MALCon, we will expect to see you stop by at least one of his panels. While you’re there, please visit our table and check out the selection of new releases and back catalog books. Don’t forget, the Just Cause Universe is full of standalone stories. You don’t have to start with the first book in the series if you’re more interested in reading the sixth or seventh. Since you’re already looking at our books, go ahead and preorder The Neighborhood Watch. It comes out in ebook format on September 1st and we have on very good authority it is in fact available in print format right now.

Con Schedule:

Friday 5PM-9ish PM: Local Hero Press table open and staffed, although not always by Fearless Leader Ian.

Friday: 5PM-6:20PM: Panel: Creating Multicultural Steampunk Characters (location: King’s Landing)

Friday: 7PM-7:50PM: Panel: To Self-Pub or Not: Is It Really Easy? (The Shire)

Friday 9ish PM-later: Fearless Leader Ian will be around for awhile if you want to chat. If you want to buy a book and missed an opportunity on Friday, come back on Saturday, because we’re selling books all day.

Saturday: 10AM-8ish PM: Local Hero Press table open and staffed, although not always by Bright-Eyed-and-Bushy-Tailed Leader Ian.

Saturday: 9PM-9:50PM: Panel: Sexy in Science Fiction (Serenity)

Saturday: 10PM-10:50PM: Panel: It Ain’t the Writing, It’s the Rewriting: The Power of Revision (King’s Landing)

Sunday: 10AM-4PM: Local Hero Press table open and staffed, although not always by Hypercaffeinated-and-Exhausted Leader Ian.

Sunday: 2PM-2:50PM: Panel: Discussing Combat in Science Fiction & Fantasy (King’s Landing)

Hope to see you at MALCon!