LHP takes MALCon!

MALCon, Myths and Legends Con, Steampunk, Jim Butcher, Superheroes, JCU, Ian Thomas HealyLocal Hero Press will attend MALCon ’16!

For the first time ever, Local Hero Press will be at Myths and Legends Con, from Friday August 12-Sunday August 14. Yes, that’s in just two weeks. MALCon focuses on modern myths and legends and their fanbases, such as Harry Potter, the Dresden Files, Doctor Who, Firefly, and (we very much hope) the Just Cause Universe.

Also: panels!

In addition to having a table spot at the convention, our Publisher, CEO, and Chief Bottle Washer will be participating in no less than five different panels over the course of the weekend. Here is that schedule, and we very much hope you’ll drop in to check out what Ian and the other panelists have to say:


Creating Multi-Cultural Steampunk Characters
Friday, 5:00 PM-6:20 PM, Kings Landing
Aaron Spriggs, Chaz Kemp, Ian Thomas Healy
Brainstorm a steampunk character that steps outside the normal upper-class British box. Audience participation is welcomed.


To Self Pub or Not: Is It Really Easy?
Friday, 7:00 PM-7:50 PM, The Shire
Ian Thomas Healy
What does it take to transform your beloved manuscript from standard manuscript format to print and eBooks formats and get it out there for purchase?


Sexy in Science Fiction
Saturday, 9:00 PM-9:50 PM, Serenity
Kimberly Kennedy, Nancy Kay Clark, Travis Heerman
Love and sex are essential elements in any story. How these scenes in popular SFF can help you create more robust stories with fully fleshed-out characters.


It Ain’t the Writing, It’s the Rewriting: The Power of Revision
Saturday, 10:00 PM-10:50 PM, Kings Landing
Travis Heerman, Ian Thomas Healy, Ian Brazee-Cannon
Few first drafts are gold dripped upon the page, so how do we make them so?


Discussing Combat in Science Fiction & Fantasy
Sunday, 2:00 PM-2:50 PM, Kings Landing
Scott Beckman, Ian Brazee-Cannon, Ian Thomas Healy
The good, the bad, and the ugly scenes of combat and action in Science Fiction and Fantasy, including the differences between games, movies, and literature. Also a discussion of the morality and emotional impact both upon the audience and the characters involved.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at MALcon!


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