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horde, fantasy, epic fantasy, funny, humor, tolkien, middle earth, elves, hobbit, orcs, ian healy, ian thomas healyPicture a world like Tolkien’s Middle Earth, some fifty years after Sauron’s defeat. Maybe all the Orcs and Goblins didn’t die when Sauron did. Maybe they’ve been hanging around underground, waiting for a chance to fight another war that just won’t come. This is the world in which Ian Thomas Healy’s new Epic Fantasy Horde is set. The Orcs have been training for a full generation to send forth the Horde at the behest of someone with deep enough pockets. Unfortunately, that war steadfastly refuses to appear.

It is into this world where brothers Paug and Milph Blumpkin decide perhaps they might go on a Quest of their own. Get rich and famous. Win hot Elf wives to cater to their every whim. After all, if Pleasures of the Flesh are good enough for the sunlit races, they ought to be fun for the Orcs too, right?

Needless to say, Horde is funny and irreverent, striking a perfect balance between true epic fantasy, high adventure, and humor. There are heroes who you will recognize by their archetypes. Villains of the worst sort. Monsters. Bears (which are also monsters).

Horde is available for preorder from Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords right now. A Goodreads Giveaway will launch next week as well. If you pop on over to Ian Thomas Healy’s website, he has the entire first chapter up for your enjoyment. Check it out!