Hey, you! Yeah, you! You can be a winner!

Announcing the First Annual Local Hero Press Summer Reading Challenge!

It’s Memorial Day in the USA, and the unofficial start of summer! Barbeques, swimming, camping, and…reading!

In honor of my favorite season of the year, I’ve initiated a Contest, with Prizes that are so important that I capitalized the word Prizes! And I’m using exclamation points! And italics!

What is this Contest? I hear you ask. It’s simple,

The Reading of the Rules of the Reading

  1. Read 2 of my novels or collections, or 5 of my short stories, between now and Labor Day.
  2. You may read either print or ebook editions. They may be obtained from any online retailer, including Local Hero Press (if you want exclusive, author-signed editions). Reviewing ebooks obtained for free is acceptable.
  3. Post considered reviews of both novels/collections or all 5 short stories on Amazon.com
  4. Email me when your second (or fifth) review is up with a link to it and the name under which you posted the review and I will enter you into a drawing.
  5. You may enter more than once; one entry for each two novels/collections you read and review, and one entry for each 5 short stories you read and review.
  6. Reviews do not have to be positive if you honestly feel the work doesn’t warrant them. If you would like to see guidelines on writing reviews, please take a look at this post.
  7. Reviews published before today, May 28, 2012, are ineligible to enter. Review notification emails received after September 3, 2012 are ineligible to enter. I am not responsible for misdirected or lost emails.


I will hold a prize drawing on Tuesday, September 4, 2012. There will be two Runners-Up and one Grand Prize Winner.

The two Runners-Up will each receive one print edition of Action! Writing Better Action Using Cinematic Techniques, signed with a personal dedication, and shipped anywhere the USPS will deliver.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive one print edition of my superhero novel Just Cause, signed with a personal dedication, a bonus custom Mustang Sally bookmark, and shipped anywhere the USPS will deliver.

The Fine Print

There is no fine print! It’s a simple contest! So what are you waiting for? Get out there, shine up those ereaders and get cracking and get reviewing!