Audiobooks galore!

Four new audiobooks for you

We haven’t posted much here recently, because we’ve been very busy behind the scenes. Now we have something exciting to show for it. In the past month and a half, we have released a total of four new audiobooks of Local Hero Press books.

Day of the Destroyer

audiobook, audiobooks, superhero, ebook, day of the destroyer, just cause, just cause universe, ian healy, ian thomas healy, 1977, new york, new york city, new york city blackoutDay of the Destroyer is narrated by longtime Just Cause Universe narrator Leslie Howard. At last comes the origin tale of the most notorious villain in the JCU: Destroyer. Told in an hour-by-hour style, it follows the paths of four different characters through the course of the day and night of the New York City Blackout of 1977. Their paths crisscross until they all come crashing together. Buy Day of the Destroyer here: Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.



Pariaudiobooks, audiobook, pariahs moon, pariah's moon, pariah of verigo, elves, western, dwarves, fantasy, ian healy, ian thomas healyah’s Moon

Pariah’s Moon is narrated by Gary Roelofs. He has the perfect voice to narrate a western-style fantasy, like Sam Elliott. This hidden gem of a book follows the tale of an Elven veteran, exiled from his homeland by his king and branded with a mark of evil upon his face. He flees across the ocean, across half a world, but even that distance isn’t far enough to avoid trouble. Buy Pariah’s Moon here: Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

Hope and Undead Elvis

audiobooks, audiobook, post-apocalypse, post apocalypse, fantasy, religion, christianity, mary, jesus, elvis, ian healy, ian thomas healyHope and Undead Elvis is a post-apocalyptic fantasy narrated by Kathy Garner. The world ends like a wave rolling across reality, leaving behind a sandy wasteland with occasional roads and travelers in its wake. Hope’s adventure is just beginning as she journeys across this new, broken world in search of the only safe place left: Graceland. Her companion in this voyage is Undead Elvis, and even that isn’t the strangest thing about her story. Buy Hope and Undead Elvis here: Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

The Guitarist

guitarist, the guitarist, young adult, YA, new adult, fiction, mainstream, contemporary, high school, yojimbo, for a fistful of dollars, last man standing, ian healy, ian thomas healyFinally, we have The Guitarist. This Young Adult novel is narrated by Summer Jo Swaine. This age-old samurai tale wraps itself up in the trappings of a contemporary high school. Two warring tribes, in this case rival bands, compete for the skills of a new warrior, a guitarist named Molly. With a Battle of the Bands looming, both groups are desperate to add her to their roster, and they will stop at nothing to have her. Buy The Guitarist here: Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.


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