Countdown to CHAMPION: 11 days!

Champion releases on November 25th! You can preorder it from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes for only $3.99 ebook or $14.99 print! In the meantime, here’s an exclusive look at some of the custom art done for the book trailer by artist Justin Wasson along with a relevant excerpt from the story!

Champion_panel_5I don’t believe anyone is home,” said Minerva. “I don’t detect any trace of explosives or dangerous chemicals. Not even normal household chemicals.”

No mental signatures,” added Ment.

There’s power to the building, but nothing’s drawing it,” said Superconductor, alighting beside Minerva. “I think this is a dead end.”

Let’s be sure. Jason, you’re up” said Sally.

Jason grinned. He pushed his hair back and pulled the half-mask up over his face. He didn’t wear the mask that often. Jason had freely admitted to Sally that he only wore the mask at all because he liked the aesthetic it gave the rest of his costume. Half the time it stayed crumpled down around his neck anyway, though, because he said it itched. He cracked his knuckles and stepped out of the van into the chilly air.

Sally accelerated her perceptions to watch as he lumbered up to the door at what was for him a dead run. The play of his muscles beneath the outer velour layer of his brown and gray costume almost drove her to distraction. As he took the steps onto the porch, Sally grabbed the signed warrant in its envelope and sped across the walk to accompany her fiancé.

Jason shouldered into the door, which splintered into fragments. “Just Cause,” he bellowed like he’d practiced it. “We have a warrant.” He proceeded to stagger into the front room of the bungalow and skidded to a halt amid the wreckage of the door and surrounding framework that his broad shoulders had broken.

The room was empty of any furnishings. A great cloud of dust roiled around the confused Jason. Sally’s heart sank. She made a rapid circuit of the house and verified her fears. “It’s empty. Nobody’s been in here in months.”

Here’s the full trailer: