Change starts with the individual

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It’s time for a change.

jackrabbit, just cause, just cause universe, superheroesHello, my name is Ian Thomas Healy, and I am the CEO of Local Hero Press, as well as the author of most (but not all) books published by LHP. Following a stressful election season and a result that has been to the detriment of anyone who is not a wealthy, white, Christian, American male, I have decided to take a stand.

First, some background. Local Hero Press has never shied away from stories that star women, or minorities, or religions besides Christianity. Wcover art, neighborhood watch, superheroes, supervillains, superpowers, middle grade, action adventure, hispanic, disability, just cause universe, ian thomas healye haven’t yet published a book with a purely gay main character, but they have been supporting characters and have been presented in a positive light, and that doesn’t mean we won’t have books starring gay characters in the future. Want a book that stars Jewish heroes? Try Blood on the Ice. Want one starring persons of color? Jackrabbit or The Neighborhood Watch. Starring female characters? Try The Guitarist, or almost all of the Just Cause Universe series. This has been by design. The world is a diverse place, and we want to publish stories by diverse authors about diverse characters.
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You say you want a revolution?

So how am I going to implement positive change in my position here at a very tiny publisher? Tiny donations are all I can afford, but change must begin with individuals.

the guitarist, music, blues, stevie ray vaughan, interracial romanceLocal Hero Press will begin making monthly donations to the charities listed at the bottom of this post. They will be small, but they will be consistent. If at such time in the future, Local Hero Press has sufficient income to make larger donations, I will see to it that it will happen. How can you help? You can also start making regular monthly donations on your own. Or you can buy LHP books to allow me to make larger regular donations. You can share this post to get the word out.

This revolution will not be televised!

Change begins with the individual, and of enough individuals step up to force change, it will begin a movement that can never be stopped. Be the change the world needs. Be a hero.

The Wikimedia Foundation – because information should be free.

Planned Parenthood – protect the rights of women.

The Human Rights Campaign – protect LBGTQ rights.

The ACLU – protect the rights of minorities and the oppressed.

The Environmental Defense Fund – protect the Earth.