Announcing the next Just Cause Universe book: Hero Academy

Hero Academy, Just Cause Universe, JCU, Adrienne Dellwo, Ian Thomas Healy, superhero, supervillain, young adult

Hero Academy is coming in July! The next Just Cause Universe book is Adrienne Dellwo’s Hero Academy, which will be released in July 2018. Have you followed the JCU since the early days? Adrienne provides some fun payoffs in this book set up much earlier in the series. For example, one of the main characters is a young lady named […]

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Our newest author: Adrienne Dellwo

Ian Thomas Healy, Adrienne Dellwo, Just Cause Universe, JCU, superhero

Adrienne Dellwo: Just Cause Universe author Adrienne Dellwo is the newest author to join the Local Hero Press family. She approached us in 2017 about writing for the Just Cause Universe. After reading her treatment, we jumped at the chance to bring her on board. Her work has appeared previously in Caped and in The Good Fight 4. Her first […]

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Read the first chapter of ARENA right here

arena, just cause, just cause universe, jcu, superhero, supervillain, alien, first contact, alien invasion, mustang sally, ian thomas healy

ARENA first chapter posted right here Here’s your opportunity to read the first chapter of Arena. CHAPTER ONE May, 2013 Fort Justice New York Bay Sometimes, it seemed like all of Sally‚Äôs old friends were leaving her. First had been Juice, announcing his appointment to direct the Parahuman Resources Agency at the same Christmas party where Jason had proposed marriage, […]

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