Announcing JCU 14: The Path

the path, just cause, just cause universe, ian thomas healy, superhero, supervillain, litrpg, portal fantasy, rpg, game fantasy, science fiction

The Path The next book in Ian Thomas Healy‘s long-running superhero series is now on preorder. The Path is a LitRPG novel featuring character Vanitha Bhat, also known as Kali. Kali first appeared in Champion, where she helped Mustang Sally uncover the identity of a murderer. She has also had a guest appearance in Tusks. Now, she takes center stage […]

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Surprise new release: AIRSHIP LIES!

steampunk, fantasy, science fiction, western, airship, ian thomas healy, anthology

AIRSHIP LIES flies in from the wilderness It’s been over three months since we had any news to share. We’ve got quite a bit so strap on your goggles and stoke up the boilers! First and foremost, we’re pleased to announce the release of Airship Lies. Airship Lies is a new collection of Steampunk/Western tales by Ian Thomas Healy. It […]

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HORDE now on pre-order!

audiobook, nick jermyn, horde, fantasy, humor, epic fantasy, funny, orcs, elves, tolkien, lord of the rings, hobbit, dungeons and dragons, dnd, ian healy, ian thomas healy

Horde available for pre-order from all outlets Picture a world like Tolkien’s Middle Earth, some fifty years after Sauron’s defeat. Maybe all the Orcs and Goblins didn’t die when Sauron did. Maybe they’ve been hanging around underground, waiting for a chance to fight another war that just won’t come. This is the world in which Ian Thomas Healy’s new Epic […]

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