Meet the Narrator: Nick Jermyn

audiobook, nick jermyn, horde, fantasy, epic fantasy, funny, humor, tolkien, middle earth, elves, hobbit, orcs, ian healy, ian thomas healy

Nick Jermyn I have been an avid fantasy fan since I could read. When the opportunity presented itself to narrate Horde, I dismissed my misgivings about its formidable length & leaped in. I was already in love with the story’s premise & quickly fell in love with the characters too. At the time I accepted Ian’s offer, Will Smith’s Bright […]

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Meet the Narrator: Leslie Howard

audiobook, just cause, ian thomas healy, just cause universe, superheroes, leslie howard

Leslie Howard Hello! I’m Leslie Howard and I’m the narrator for the first 4 Just Cause Universe books. These books have been a pleasure to work on. The action never disappoints. The characters are always nicely described and there were plenty of unusual accents to put on. One of my favorite characters to inhabit was the villain from book 3, […]

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Meet the Narrator: Montgomery Que

space sharks, ian thomas healy, space opera, sci fi, spoof, b movie, montgomery que

Montgomery Que Hello all, my name is Montgomery Que and I am the narrator for the audiobook Space Sharks. “Space Sharks” gives the reader everything he or she was expecting from the title, and so much more. It is a throwback to classic 1980’s monster horror movies. In addition, it’s a modern trope of the intentional “B-level” Sci-Fi movies that […]

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