The life of an acquisitions editor

Let’s publish an anthology. About Superheroes. We’ll call it “Caped.” Step one. A call for Submissions. This was my first time working on a book in capacity of an acquiring editor. Of course, I had a bit of an idea on what to expect, meaning we asked for short stories about Superheroes up to 5,000 words, so I expected short […]

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Local Hero Press, LLC in conjunction with the Pen & Cape Society is pleased to announce the publication of The Good Fight 2: Villains, the next ebook in the series of anthologies featuring stories from some of the premiere authors working in the superhero fiction genre. All proceeds from the sale of The Good Fight 2: Villains will benefit long-time […]

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Looking back and looking ahead

Reviewing 2014 and previewing 2015 – A letter from LHP CEO Ian Thomas Healy (tl;dr version) (the long, much more interesting version below:) Hello, friends! It’s been an amazing year here at Local Hero Press, LLC, and I have a lot to go over with you, so buckle up! For starters, we released two novels in the Just Cause Universe […]

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