CAPED now on sale everywhere!

Got superheroes?

The CAPED anthology is now on sale from all online retailers, and can be ordered in print from your favorite brick-and-mortar store as well. Do you believe in supporting small businesses and independent authors? Here’s your chance to pick up a collection of 18 stories from hardworking authors published by a small press. At $3.99 per ebook, it won’t Caped front coverbreak the bank.



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Here at Local Hero, we really want to publish more anthologies and give you the opportunity to read stuff you might not otherwise get to see, and when you buy our books, it lets us turn around and pay authors for their work. Unlike some publishers, we don’t operate on a shared-royalties or Kickstarter financial plan. We firmly believe in compensating authors for their work upfront, and likewise we don’t believe in crowdfunding our projects. If we can’t afford to produce them, we wait. And if we have to wait to produce them, you have to wait to read them. So when you’re doing your holiday shopping this season, don’t forget small, independent artists. They work harder for your dollars, and are far more grateful to receive them than large companies.