audiobook, just cause, ian thomas healy, just cause universe, superheroes, leslie howardThe Just Cause Universe series

Our flagship series of superhero fiction created by Ian Thomas Healy. All books are standalone titles set in the same universe, so you can read them in whatever order you choose. Or if you’d rather, check out the timeline and read in that order.

the good fight, superheroes, ian thomas healy, adrienne dellwo, drew hayes, scott bachmann, marion g harmon, frank byrns, warren hately, hydrargentium, michael ivan lowell, t mike mccurley, landon porter, rj ross, cheyanne young, jim zoeteweyThe Good Fight anthologies

The authors of the Pen and Cape Society have written these anthologies to introduce you to their various superhero universes. If you want to be exposed to a tremendous variety of outstanding stories, this is a great place to start.

the guitarist, three flavors of tacos, music, blues, stevie ray vaughan, interracial romanceThe Three Flavors of Tacos Trilogy

Three mainstream Young Adult/New Adult books loosely connected by the delicious treats that are tacos. Music, food, and a heist come together for a satisfying set of stories.

strings, allison m dickson, horror, psychosexual, thriller, audiobook, ebookLocal Hero Press Dark line

Introducing the Dark line of books, a place where the stories come from the shadowy corners and you can’t quite see what’s there.

paul tuttle, ian thomas healy, allison dickson, steampunk, western, space operaOther Works

Not all books fall into series, and we have quite a few that are standalone tales. In the mood for something different? Come explore these titles.