Book rerelease: Pariah’s Moon, 2nd Edition

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The Story of Pariah’s Moon

Ian Thomas Healy’s Pariah’s Moon has gone through some changes over its life. The Western-Fantasy mashup was originally written for NaNoWriMo way back in 2008. It seems like the cards were stacked against this book from Day One. It made the rounds of publishers courtesy of Ian’s former literary agent back before Local Hero Press. Now it’s one of our hidden gems.

Ian has always had a deep love of the simplicity of Westerns. So, Pariah’s Moon came from a simple idea. Take a traditional Tolkienesque fantasy world and advance it to the Victorian age. A sequel was born, Pariah’s War. The third and final book of the Pariah of Verigo series will be called Pariah’s Nation. Consequently, Ian is hoping to write it in 2018.

Introducing the New Edition

A new edition calls for new cover artwork, and Karyn Bonfiglio Lewis was up to the task. We’ve seen Karyn’s work before on the covers of Just Cause Omnibus Volume 2, The Guitarist, and The Neighborhood Watch. This is perhaps our favorite cover of hers to date.

pariah's moon, ian thomas healy, fantasy, western, elf, elves, steampunk, magic, aboriginal

Book One of The Pariah of Verigo series.



A Reluctant Warrior:


Giele has spent twenty years fighting wars for the King of Aelfland, but when he makes the mistake of falling in love with the Princess of the Realm, he is stripped of his rank, his citizenship, and his name. His face is marked with the slivered moon, forever identifying him as an outcast. No longer will he find a home among his own people.



He travels halfway across the world to seek a fresh start among the colonists of the continent of Verigo, but the troubles of a marked man seem to follow him wherever he goes. It only takes one mistake, crossing the path of a local gangster, and once more Giele finds himself forced to take on the role of warrior, first to defend those who cannot defend themselves, and then to avenge those he cannot protect.


Pariah’s Moon is on sale now from Amazon, Smashwords, and more. We’d love to see this book getting more attention than it has; therefore, we are offering free ebook review copies. Contact us for more information.