ASSASSIN gets a new cover!

assassin, ian thomas healy, star wars, space opera, fanfic, science fiction

Coming in January: ASSASSIN in print!

During the slow period at the end of the year, we’re busier than a one-armed soldier in a backslapping contest. We’ve already got the new print edition of Assassin ready to roll. Given the new Star Wars movie, we thought it an appropriate time to release our Star Wars-themed fanfic-turned-original-tale. We intend to release Hope and Undead Elvis and Troubleshooters in print during January as well. We should have them available at our table for GalaxyFest in February, so you will have a chance to pick one up. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on this gorgeous original artwork from Deepak Kumar Singh!

Assassin, space opera, star wars, ebook, print book