An honorary position from Local Hero Press!

From CEO Ian Thomas Healy

I want to take a moment here to tell you about someone behind the scenes of my entire library. I say that because without this person, the chances are very good that you might not have gotten to read anything I’ve written.

Let me tell you about my best friend and editor, Allison M. Dickson. She has read, edited, and critiqued literally everything that is in my bibliography, and without her insight and skills with the red pen, I’d likely have drifted away from this grind long ago for more lucrative fields like grocery store night stockers or making fries at Arby’s. But because of her, I’ve not only persevered through some very challenging times as a writer, I’ve thrived, started my own publishing company, and am looking to the future with great excitement instead of apprehension.

I met Allie online, after happening onto her blog by clicking on the Next Blog button back several years ago, before Obama’s first presidency, in fact. We were both struggling as writers, working on various projects and trying to find agents, because at the time, that was what one did. She started reading my stuff, and I hers. And we never really stopped.

Over the years, we got so good at editing each other that we developed our own unique editorial shorthand terminology that would send most writers into crying jags of hate and despair. But we always persevered through, even when we had our differences, and to this day I respect and count on her opinion more than anyone else’s. Everyone has someone for whom they write their books; I write mine for her.

We both eventually landed our agents, and although mine never seemed to work out, I suspect hers will bring her much success. And I have asked her many times to become part of Local Hero Press on a more official basis, to which she has politely refused. Nevertheless, she’s my go-to girl and therefore I have given her a special gift of the position of Honorary Editor. As long as I continue to write books, you can be assured that she will in some way have a hand in them.

Ladies and gentlemen, Honorary Editor Allison M. Dickson!

Honorary Editor Allison M. Dickson